Data tracking and analytics

It’s your data, put it to work! Your audience is all over social media building the buzz — posting to Facebook, tweeting updates, and capturing with Instagram. Collect customer data during the entire process and gain insight into how people are finding and sharing your event. Analyze all of your real-time data in a simple and visual way using our centralized dashboard. Viewing all your social platforms from one hub allows you to capitalize on trends to get your audience more engaged and signed up.

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Understand your audience in real-time

What happens when fans encounter your content? Where are they coming from, and what’s causing them to interact? EventKloud helps you understand when your marketing is effective, and when you’re targeting the right crowds. We let you see the stats and a user’s path to success -- what leads a user to RSVP or buy a ticket?

  • Learn who’s opening and clicking your emails
  • See who’s landing on your page and how far they’re scrolling
  • Know where users come from, and where they go after
  • Adapt in real-time to maximize your yield

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Audience data is power

Who are your customers? What experiences are they interested in? When are they likely to buy? Knowing these key insights can help you maximize the impact of your marketing. You’ll make smarter marketing choices when you know where ticket sales are coming from, how well your Facebook posts are performing, who your top influencers are, and how people are finding your events.

  • Use social media popularity to know who your most important customers are
  • Build a deeper relationship with those that have the social influence to help you fill seats
  • Do targeted marketing based on users’ age, gender, and location demographics
  • Track social shares and tickets purchased as a result of social engagement

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  • George Koch | Artomatic

    We want EventKloud for a variety of events -- exhibitions, speakers, panel discussions, our inaugural ball event.

    George Koch

  • Mark Galvin | Collinson Media & Events

    EventKloud gives us insight into how effective our marketing is, and how we can improve it. That would be very valuable to us.

    Mark Galvin

    Collinson Media & Events
  • Richard Failla | NSCS

    As an event marketing tool, I loved what I saw -- I want everything EventKloud does.

    Richard Failla