Events and mobile go together

Your fans have their phone on them 24/7. Give them the ability to easily interact with and share your event at any time, from anywhere. People expect access to your event in the palm of their hand -- EventKloud captures the excitement around your event and lets your fans quickly share with their community. No matter what kind of event you're hosting, EventKloud will help you deliver a unique and engaging mobile experience to your audience.

  • 65% of emails are opened on mobile
  • 60% of social media is accesses on mobile
  • Users spend over 20% of their day on mobile devices
  • 94% of mobile users search for local info on their phone

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Grow a strong online presence

We maximize your event’s brand and expose you to a wider audience. Using EventKloud to promote your event helps you increase attendance and extend your reach and connects you with a broader and more diverse client base. We extend your website’s reach using EventKloud’s customized event SEO and SEM to drive traffic and get your event out to more people.

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One place for everything social

Events are one of the most socially-shared experiences online. Your events get people talking, texting, and tweeting. Eventkloud helps you easily connect with all your social fans from one simple dashboard that tells you the buzz on every network. This central hub let’s you do analysis to see which marketing channels are most effective, what messages have the most impact, and what your marketing ROI really is. Access specialized tools for marketing events on social media: Promote to any social media with one click Schedule automatic posts and updates Reach a wider audience using 3rd party integration Update everything from one place

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Easy email marketing

Distribute your own custom-branded email newsletters in minutes. Nothing is more valuable than your current customers. Use our dynamic Audience Intelligence algorithm to focus your outreach and mold your message to individual fans with relevant dates, groups, and genres. Easily track open rates, clicks, shares and more. EventKloud is the best way to promote to your current fans and spread your message to new fans.

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Easily keep content up to date everywhere

Use our branded website widget that can show your schedule of events and connect users to tickets on your website. The widget automatically adapts to your website’s look and feel and keeps your users up to date on your event information.

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Publish and promote everywhere outside your network

EventKloud integrates with a number of 3rd party ticketing solutions and lets you easily build your base and engage new fans by distributing your event across affiliate networks:

  • EventBrite
  • Yelp
  • Evite
  • Eventful
  • Meetup
  • TicketFly

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Engage fans in every way you can

EventKloud has all your print needs covered. From QR codes to NFC chips, we’re ready to customize your campaign and give you total control over how your audience can connect with your event. People walking by a poster should be able to tap it or scan it with their phone, and easily share or complete their transaction.

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  • George Koch | Artomatic

    We want EventKloud for a variety of events -- exhibitions, speakers, panel discussions, our inaugural ball event.

    George Koch

  • Mark Galvin | Collinson Media & Events

    EventKloud gives us insight into how effective our marketing is, and how we can improve it. That would be very valuable to us.

    Mark Galvin

    Collinson Media & Events
  • Richard Failla | NSCS

    As an event marketing tool, I loved what I saw -- I want everything EventKloud does.

    Richard Failla