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You already know EventKloud is the ultimate event marketing and tracking tool. Why not use us for all of your events? We let you engage your audience in ways only you, as the visionary for your company, can. Our software makes it simple to promote from mobile, web and social media platforms, so your audience can enjoy up-to-date information at every turn. And our analytics help you make great decisions, so every dollar you spend on marketing goes where it is needed most.

This single, simple solution is the most efficient way to become a leader in your industry. Partners take advantage of EventKloud’s services for an entire year by paying one discounted annual rate. Our partners get exclusive custom modifications and additions. We get to know your specific needs and meet them exactly, event after event. Even managing multiple companies and event marketing campaigns becomes elegant and easy with EventKloud. Become a partner now!

EventKloud partners can benefit from:

  • One discounted annual rate that covers all of your events for the year
  • Exclusive customization and additions
  • Branded marketing QR codes
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) integration into marketing
  • Full control over marketing and analytics from any device
  • Engaging HTML5 event profile with matching PC & tablet experience
  • Event content management platform
  • Real-time analytics dashboard with full export capabilities
  • White label solutions with custom features to fit your needs

EventKloud partners can benefit from:

  • Media Companies
  • Event Promotion Firms
  • Event Marketing Firms
  • Printers
  • Publications
  • Event Sites
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Theaters
  • And many more!

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  • George Koch | Artomatic

    We want EventKloud for a variety of events -- exhibitions, speakers, panel discussions, our inaugural ball event.

    George Koch

  • Mark Galvin | Collinson Media & Events

    EventKloud gives us insight into how effective our marketing is, and how we can improve it. That would be very valuable to us.

    Mark Galvin

    Collinson Media & Events
  • Richard Failla | NSCS

    As an event marketing tool, I loved what I saw -- I want everything EventKloud does.

    Richard Failla