Engage users during the entire event lifecycle

EventKloud specializes in allowing users to complete the entire process end-to-end from any device:

  • We make your registration workflow simple on every platform
  • Let your users access and share all event info in one central place
  • After the event, easily send a custom follow-up survey
  • Last minute changes? Blast out emergency updates by email & social media

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Mobile access is at the heart of a successful event

  • Show off your best stuff and engage your customers on mobile
    with total control over your event’s profile
  • Spice up your event website even more with 100% mobile friendly video, photo and other media-rich content
  • Our live social media stream lets your users interact with all their social media from one central hub

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Get people in the door more easily

  • Scan-in or self check-in ticketed users from their mobile phones
  • Manage check-in for ticket-holders, RSVPs and walk-up buyers
  • Manage guest lists, shared tickets, and capture customer data in one simple place

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Join the email marketing renaissance

Email is no longer limited to desktops or laptops. You need to create emails that look great no matter where they will be read — on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. EventKloud helps you build emails optimized for mobile viewing, promote your content with simple large buttons and text, and ultimately grow your list.
Did you know?
Thinking mobile is essential...

  • 65% of email gets opened on mobile
  • Commercial email open rates surged in the past 3 years
  • Mobile lets engage consumers with relevant, real-time offers
  • 56% of mobile purchasers do so in response to mobile email marketing
  • 28% of mobile users won’t buy from an email if it’s not mobile-friendly

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Empower your customers to market & promote your event

EventKloud helps you easily use social rewards and discounts to boost attendance and create lasting fans with plug and play, out of the box tools.

  • Offer a discount for sharing events on social media
  • Track who shares and sells the most tickets using an online leaderboard
  • Target top social influencers and reward them with tickets, coupons and special offers
  • Easily integrate sweepstakes, promos, deals and social voting into your campaign

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  • George Koch | Artomatic

    We want EventKloud for a variety of events -- exhibitions, speakers, panel discussions, our inaugural ball event.

    George Koch

  • Mark Galvin | Collinson Media & Events

    EventKloud gives us insight into how effective our marketing is, and how we can improve it. That would be very valuable to us.

    Mark Galvin

    Collinson Media & Events
  • Richard Failla | NSCS

    As an event marketing tool, I loved what I saw -- I want everything EventKloud does.

    Richard Failla