About Us.

We focus on making event engagement easy for everyone.

Our Vision

We consider technology a tool, something meant to enhance processes and streamline tasks for the everyday person. But there is a point where technology becomes more than just a tool, more than just a toy. It becomes an integral part of our lives, something we depend on.

Our vision is for EventKloud to transcend the title of ‘just a tool.’ EventKloud is part of the creative, fast-moving startup ecosystem that is changing the world we play, work, sleep and learn in. We join a generation of technology and startups that have made a tremendous impact. Tech startups these days do so much more than provide games: they support revolts, bring family and friends together, and provide a voice for the voiceless.

Simply put, technology improves our lives. EventKloud is here to do just that.

Our Mission

There is nothing like attending an event in person. Events are and will always be the best way to connect. They are where like-minded people come together, leaving the comfort of their homes to better understand a common goal. Interacting in person is unique on so many levels and can never be replaced.

There is a new way of connecting, though, and at EventKloud, we see the power of what technology can accomplish. From a PC in a house or a smartphone on the subway, people are perpetually plugged in. In this, there are opportunities for real-world social discovery.

Our mission is to connect people and organizations, providing them with the exact experiences they are looking for. We want to technology’s connective qualities to create face-to-face connections at events. In a nutshell, EventKloud brings people and the events they love together, online and in the real world.

Our Technology

  • content management system

    Event Content Management System

    We discovered something very important from our research about the event industry. There are only two sections that are regularly updated on most websites: the news section and the events section. Technology already has news covered through CMS tools like Wordpress. However, there's practically nothing available to manage events in a captivating, comprehensive way.

    Our EventKloud widgets solve the problem. Simply add our widget to your website. From then on we serve as your CMS tool, with the full ability to keep all the information on your site completely updated.

Our Culture

It’s a new world. In this new world, everyone embraces whatever technology is available, wishing for something better when things aren't working quite right. These feelings come up because of problems with the big players, the head honchos who monopolize the industry.

At EventKloud, we look up to the underdogs, counting ourselves among their number. The underdogs challenge the capabilities of technology, not by building headache-inducing algorithms, but by bringing simple, user-friendly technology to average person. With elegant solutions to our everyday problems, we embrace real and useful innovation – the kind of innovation that changes lives.

Our Team

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  • George Koch | Artomatic

    We want EventKloud for a variety of events -- exhibitions, speakers, panel discussions, our inaugural ball event.

    George Koch

  • Mark Galvin | Collinson Media & Events

    EventKloud gives us insight into how effective our marketing is, and how we can improve it. That would be very valuable to us.

    Mark Galvin

    Collinson Media & Events
  • Richard Failla | NSCS

    As an event marketing tool, I loved what I saw -- I want everything EventKloud does.

    Richard Failla